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What's in the bottle?

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Hemp Original Plus 1500mg

1500mg  cannabidiol is our most potent oil, it contains 1500mg of CBD per fluid oz. it contains less than .03%THC 

Hemp original plus 500mg

The 500mg is the same potentcy as the 1500mg but in a smaller bottle .33floz size bottle this also contains less than .03% THC

Hemp Original 250mg

The 250 is the less potent of the three bottles it contains 250mg of cannabidiol per floz. Less than .03% THC

Hemp vape

Hemp vape is the same potency as the 250mg and has to be used with a vaping devise the vape  contains 0% THC 

PET Original

The pet CBD contains 250mg cannabidiol per fl oz  and contains less than .03%THC


We recommend sublingual (under the tongue) hold it there for at least 60 Seconds. If it’s too earthy for your taste buds, then cutting the taste with something sweet like honey will help.


 Through evolved research of our companion plant (the Hemp plant), Evo Roots was founded. Our purpose is much deeper than just selling product. We are here to educate and support the community through all of the knowledge that we have gained about the benefits of cannabinol. It’s never ending research on our part, and we are accessible 24/7. Being in contact with our customers is important to us. There is a lot of false information out there , and we take great pride in helping others understand why this plant is so special.
We also help coach our customers on how to be more mindful about living a healthier lifestyle emotionally and physically , from the nutrients that enters our body, to the daily practice of meditation. It’s not just about one supplement or another,it’s about the big picture . Our passion is truly helping people live the most fulfilling life that they can live. 


Over the last 50 Year’s there has been a dramatic rise in autoimmune disease. This condition causes the body’s immune system to begin attacking its healthy cells. In the US approximately 24 million people suffer from some sort of autoimmune disorder. ( over 7% of the population) Women are effected more than men, with 1 in 9 for women compared to 1 in 12 for men. Living in the modern world that we do, we are exposed to a lot of Chemicals, pollutants, and free radicals . Under normal circumstances, our immune system protects us from harmful bacteria and viruses that enter the organisms . When the body doesn’t have enough antioxidants to counteract them, oxidative stress is caused, making the body more likely to develop all kinds of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hashimotos , sjogrens , multiple sclerosis, diabetes type 1, rheumatoid arthritis , fibromyalgia, lupus, crohn’s disorder , psoriasis, Addison’s disease, cancer , and the list goes on and on . Autoimmune disorders are reaching record levels and we need to do sometime about it ! The incredible healing potential of the the endocannabiniod system is not only fascinating , but extremely effective . Helping the body achieve homeostasis is key. CBD sends signals to various parts of the body , which leads to the decrease of inflammation. 

 CBD for anxiety

Over 120 million people suffer from anxiety disorder every single day . Anxiety can limit the quality of life feeling the need to avoid anxiety -provoking situations . Both anxiety and depression are common pathologies that effect people emotionally, socially, and physically. There is evidence that suggests that cannabinol works with the CB1 receptor (the brain receptor) and can alter your serotonin signals . Low levels of serotonin can cause anxiety and are also common in depression. Receptors are tiny proteins that attach to your cells and receive chemical signals from different stimuli and help your cells respond . A number of trials on human subjects have been documented that taking CBD for anxiety does in fact help reduce heightened levels of stress and restlessness.

 CBD and chronic pain

More than 100 million Americans suffer from some sort of pain . Wether it be chronic or acute , it can manifest itself in many negative ways physically and mentally. Chronic inflammation causes pain and eventually damages tissue. Through much research that has been done by multiple studies , it has been concluded that there is substantial evidence that the use of CBD can greatly reduce pain and inflammation. Long term effects of pharmaceutical grade and over the counter pain killers have side effects on multiple organs in our bodies. One of the main benefits of using CBD over opioids for pain management is that there is no risk of addiction . Scientist continue to note how safe CBD is for long term use , and also found that subjects are not likely to build up a tolerance so they would not have to continually increase the dose . CBD is neuroprotective and it also helps calm the nervous system at night when its normally difficult to sleep due to the body’s defense mechanism and inability to relax .
Consult with a medical professional if you are considering moving away from conventional pain killers such as opioids. There are also some drug interactions your doctor may want to discuss before you start CBD . 

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